Our Rugs

Working directly with oriental rug weavers and exporters we select the best hand-made Afghan and Persian rugs and offer them to our customers, retail and trade, at the most attractive prices. We understand that everybody is looking for their perfect rug and this is different for every person. We ensure our stock is varied and strive to make your wishes a reality; if we don’t have the right rug in our immediate stock, we will do our very best to track it down for you.

We are able to supply all sizes of rugs ranging from small fireside pieces to room-size carpets; even those in excess of 30ft! Whatever your requirements, please just drop us a line and we can discuss them.

Our stock includes (but is not limited to):

  • Fine Persian and Silk Rugs- Nain, Qum, Isfahan and Tabriz rugs
  • Traditional Persian Rugs- Heriz, Kashan Hamadan, Bijar among others
  • Tribal Rugs- Qashgai, Kashkuli, Shiraz
  • Caucasian Rugs- Kazak, Shirvan and other similar designs
  • Traditional Afghan Rugs- Ziegler, Chobi, Mahal, Khal Mohammedi, Aqcha, Ersari etc.
  • Modern Design Rugs- Gabbeh and Berber and plain rugs
  • Antique Rugs- Persian, Caucasian and Turkish pieces available in most sizes

Don’t worry if these names don’t mean much to you, we are happy to deal with all enquiries. Even when you only know the size and the colours you are looking for we’re here to help.

All our rugs are hand-made, woven using best quality wool, silk and cotton and dyed using natural vegetable dyes only. We do not stock any machine made rugs or mass produced replicas from countries like China.

We strongly believe the best to know you’ve made the right decision is to see the rug in your room before buying it. The rugs can look different in your home than they do in a showroom or online- this is why we offer a free, no-obligation Home Trial service to all our customers across the UK.

Find out more about our Home Trial Service.